Women Was Not Letting in Her Cat

Raccoon Bites 88-Year-Old Woman Who Mistook It for Cat

Monday, Aug 25, 2014 • Updated at 7:44 PM EDT  NBC Connecticut

An 88-year-old Hamden woman who opened her sliding door to let in her cat was attacked when the animal she was petting turned out to be a raccoon.

The woman had opened the door of her Brinsmade Road home at 11 p.m. Sunday after hearing a sound to let in her cat, but unbeknownst to her, a raccoon followed her cat inside, police said.

The raccoon attacked her while she petted it, thinking it was her cat, and it bit her elbow, hand, forearm, lip and chin, police said.

“She’s a tough old bird,” said the victim’s son, Malcolm McKernan. “She fought it off and was able to call on the phone. That’s pretty remarkable.”

The victim spoke to NBC Connecticut at her home Monday and said she was doing well.

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Animal Droppings

Animal droppings in and around your home or business is one of the first tell tale signs that there is a nuisance animal problem.  Droppings from different animals can present a host of problems.  Critter Control will identify the point of entry, trap the animal and clean up the droppings.  Most common areas for droppings are:

v In kitchens

v In garages

v In attics and walls

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Why do we have Raccoon’s?

Listed here are some of the reasons you will see raccoon’s around and in your property and home.  For more information and pointers on raccoon nuisance click here.   Call 1-800-CRITTER for your local office for help with any wildlife nuisance.

  • Raccoons will eat pond fish.
  • Raccoon’s frequent yards for food.  Don’t leave dog or cat food outside.
  • Make sure garbage can tops are secured.
  • Raccoon’s will use attic spaces, crawl spaces, chimneys and under skirting to live and have babies.


Raccoon Trapping Methods

Raccoon trapping is something that many people attempt to do, but few succeed. There are many different kinds of raccoon traps, and even more methods of trapping raccoon’s. There is an equal amount of things that can go wrong when attempting to trap a raccoon, from trapping neighborhood pets to accidentally killing the raccoon. This is why raccoon trapping services should always be enlisted when attempting to trap raccoon’s.

Critter Control has many trained professionals that know exactly how to trap raccoon’s humanely and safely in every situation. Trapping raccoon’s is a skill that takes experience in setting raccoon traps, and in some cases, acquiring the raccoon’s young as well. So call Critter Control in your area today and have your raccoon problem solved by an expert in trapping raccoon’s!  1-800-CRITTER

Have a Critter Free Summer

Can’t get rid of the raccoon’s or squirrels in or around your home? Or maybe  you have been hearing scratching noises in the walls or attic? Our professional residential animal control services are just what you need. Critter Control offers animal removal services to areas all over the U.S. and in some areas of Canada. You can be sure there’s a Critter Control office near you offering the best residential pest control services available anywhere.

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Ensure the Safety of You, Your Family and Pets

Proper animal control is extremely important because it ensures the safety of you, family members and pets and saves money in the long run. Many animals carry diseases and sick animals can be very dangerous to children and small pets. Trained animal control professionals from Critter Control can help assess a situation, identify the animals and behaviors and follow proper animal control regulations in order to resolve a pesky problem.

A large part of animal control is preventing future problems with squirrels in the basement and attic, birds in the soffit, chipmunks chewing wires, snakes sliding through small entrances and other unwanted guests. Critter Control animal control experts will be able to identify potential problems and help secure your home.
Contact Critter Control today for expert advice on non-domestic animal control.

Skunks, Raccoons, Squirrels, Moles, Mice, Bats??

Spring is not the only thing that will be busting out all over.  Call your local Critter Control office and they will tell you how they can assist in the removal of the wildlife nuisance that you have.  Not only will we remove the wildlife we address how the wildlife got into your home or business in the first place.  Or you have skunks hanging around something tunneling in your lawn?

Critter Control’s nuisance wildlife control specialists will use techniques that are humane, environmentally friendly and ecologically safe.  We offer a variety of animal removal of wildlife service’s to get rid of wildlife animal problems and prevent recurring animal removal of wildlife problems that need professional wildlife animal removal services. 1-800-CRITTER

Noises Coming from the Attic? The Walls?

You are hearing scratching, gnawing, running back and forth from the attic or walls.  What is it?  What are they doing?  Only noises during certain times of the day?  Call the trained technicians at Critter Control 1-800- CRITTER to inspect your home or business for wildlife nuisance problems.

It could be squirrels or raccoons or bats or numerous other wildlife animals that made their home in yours.  Tree squirrels do the a lot damage in attics, destroying attic insulations, chewing through wires and chewing holes into the exterior of your home or building to get access.

Maybe it’s raccoons.  Raccoons will break into homes, commonly the attic to escape the cold.  They are strong animals and can damage the shingles, fascia board, soffits and vents of structures to enter to nest.  Common raccoon damage within attics may be insulation damage from feces/urine.  They may damage the duct work or wiring, drywall from the urine and water damage from the entry point.

Don’t let the noise go on forever.  Have your home inspected.  1-800-CRITTER for your wildlife nuisance problems.

Common Complaints with Raccoons

Listed here are some of the reasons you will see raccoons around and in raccoons nesting in atticyour property and home.  For more information and pointers on raccoon nuisance click here.   Call 1-800-CRITTER for your local office for help with any wildlife nuisance.

  • Raccoons will eat pond fish.
  • Raccoons frequent yards for food.
  • Raccoons will use attic spaces, crawl spaces, chimneys and under skirting to live and have babies.

Unwanted ‘Guests’ Hard to Remove??

Raccoons, squirrels, bats, snakes, birds, their babies and more will make your home or business their home.  These unwanted guests cause issues and problems with home and business owners.   

Jody O’Dell operator of Critter Control’s East Central FL office was recently interviewed by the The Daytona Beach News-Journal on unwated wildlife inanimalattic1 one’s home.  Jody goes on to say “Most houses are vulnerable,” said Jody O’Dell, operator of Critter Control’s Daytona Beach franchise, because Florida dwellings aren’t designed with potential attic animal problems in mind. “And it has nothing to do with it being an old house, or if it’s next to the woods or a lake.” 

O’Dell said “attics provide a more desirable habitat for delivering babies than a hollow tree in the woods. And houses are much more abundant, easier to find.” 

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