Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day,”founded by Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitator, gives a moment to reflect on the wonders of the family Sciuridae. Be they a shade of gray, pale orange, deep reddish-brown or black, on January 21, we are all God’s children.”  Click here to read Bonni Brodrick’s complete article.

For those of us who may not appreciate squirrels because the damage they cause to your home or business. The damage they cause to both the interior and exterior of your home. Squirrel damage includes chewing holes into the exterior of your home to get into the attic. Once inside your home, squirrels damage attics buy chewing wires, ripping up insulation and defecating in the attic. Squirrels damage trees in your yard by building their nests and gnawing on and eating the bark.

Removing squirrels can be very tricky since they run, climb and jump very quickly. Squirrel trapping is the safest option and will require a squirrel trapping expert. Critter Control squirrel trapping specialists will trap and relocate squirrels and may use toxicants or fumigants to force squirrels out of a location.

At Critter Control our experienced specialists know how to safely and humanely remove squirrels from your attic. We will then seal the squirrels’ entry points, ensuring that squirrels will not be able to enter into your house again and cause squirrel damage.

1-800-CRITTER for your local Critter Control office.

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